Our Message

Soor Al Basrah Co. Is an EPCC firm that undertakes projects from the early studies to detail design through procurement, construction. commissioning and start-up, with our successful track of record, we believe that we are capable of completing medium to major projects on EPCC basis up to client satisfaction and in conformance to the international codes & standards.

Soor Al Basrah Co. As a general contractor, we pay very close attention to the budget and the cost estimation in order to produce the best result for the owner. Soor Al Basrah Co. views general contracting as an opportunity to help owners solve problems in order to turn their concept into a real construct. Our experience, knowledge, and depth of resources give us a distinct, competitive advantage when performing and preparing hard-bid work. Our team is made up of budgeting experts who produce successful projects on tight budgets. From the beginning, we pay careful attention to site logistics, procurement, long lead time, and important dates. When Soor Al Basrah Co. begins a construction management project, we understand that we are the central point of responsibility. Our project managers are experts at monitoring the project budget so the customer receives the best value possible



Soor Al Basrah Co. An EPCC company with professional team and the right technological equipment

Soor Al Basrah Co. for General Transport & Contracting Ltd. is a %100 Iraqi owned company, which focuses on providing high valueadded services to meet the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, automation and civil needs of the Iraq Oil and Gas industry.
Soor Al Basrah Co. provides many services in different sectorsallinclusive mechanical services to both our local Iraqi and growing international clientele.
With over %95 of our personnel being Iraqi natives and our equipment being company owned, we are cost competitive and are well experienced in dealing with the local communities.
Due to the nature of our work, the company adheres to very high standards and guidelines of safety management and HSE systems. We carry out regular monitoring of all our systems and operating procedures to ensure that all works undertaken or materials supplied through our approved major suppliers are carried out in full compliance with the very latest oil and gas procedures and legislations.
In line with this total commitment to quality, the company has inhouse quality assurance systems to monitor and control all aspects of our work including materials, welding standards, pipework assembly, testing and commissioning.

Like other major companies, Soor Al Basrah Co.. is a member of trade and industry associations in Iraq to which Soor Al Basrah Co.. pays annual dues. Soor Al Basrah Co.. joins such associations when they add value to the Company, its stockholders and employees. In addition to the annual reporting to the National General Committee of Taxes and Registrar of Companies, with regards to Financial Statements, Disclosers and Renewals of Licenses, we believe that contributing to the tax and professional associations as per the law will contirbute to the country s economy therefore, we focus and commit to these tasks.
Below is a list of Iraq trade and industry associations :
 Ministry of Trade - Registrar of Companies Iraqi Contractors Union  Basra Chamber of Commerce  Federation of Iraqi Businessmen Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce


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Providing of high quality services within the specified time and cost.



Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. - To refresh our homeland... - To keep the main objective of providing quality and efficiency... - To create value and make a difference.


Our Values

Performance: We rely on Excellence as a core value of the performance of our compny. Integrity: We believe in honesty, reliability, ethics, and fairness with our people. Loyality: We pride ourselves on our unwavering Loyality that develops Healthy, long-lasting relations. Health and safety : We focus on Protecting our employee s Health and Safty. Transparency:

1- We manage our business with Transparency to create a Culture of Honesty.

2- We work hard to build Open and Honest relationships internally and externally.